Thursday, June 12, 2008


by Stan C. Countz, June 12, 2008

I want to live a love that’s real
I want to give my love to you
I love the way you make me feel
But I want a love that’s true

I want a sure and steady rock
But I’m not sure I’m ready
I gotta crawl before I walk
My load is way too heavy

But your burden is light
I gotta watch my appetite
Gotta try to do what’s right
To walk by faith, not by sight

To fight the good fight
And stay the course
For it’s not by power or might
But by my Spirit says the Lord

Be not weary in well-doing
Hold fast and you’ll pass the test
Hold on tight and keep pursuing
His highest and His best

He rewards those who
diligently seek Him
So seek first His kingdom
and these things will be added to you

He’ll endue you with power from on high
If you’ll cease striving and die to yourself
and put your own will on the back shelf
For He helps those who can’t help themselves

So if you want a life that is truly blessed
Cease from strife and you’ll pass the test
Hold on tight and keep pursuing
His highest and His best

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Runnin' Away

by Stan C. Countz

Got up early one summer mornin’
Went out front to water the lawn
The window screen was layin’ there
Checked her room and she was gone

My little girl was no where to be found
Who knows why or where she’s bound
She’d left in the night without a sound
She’d hit the ground runnin’

Runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ away
I got somethin’ I just gotta say
It’s a cruel world out there today that’s a fact
Young girls who run away rarely make it back

I must’ve been asleep or maybe nappin’
But it ain’t funny and I ain’t laughin’
Today bad things can happen
When young girls run away


I’d always been her provider and protector
But now I’m not there to guide or direct her
I had tried to respect her right to privacy
But now I wanted her right here with me

I tried to fight back the gnawing fear
And fought against the welling tears
It can’t be as hopeless as it appears
But my little girl was no longer here
And I feared the worse

I didn’t know quite what to do
Was it somethin’ I’d done wrong
She’d left without leavin’ a clue
Why was my little girl gone?

Had I done somethin’ that made her wanna run?
Or maybe she was just being young and dumb
Hadn’t she heard a single word I had said
About runaways that were missing or dead?

I guess she must have had a real good reason
Maybe she was just teasin’ and went for a little walk
Or maybe it was just that time of the season
When she gets back we’ll have a heart to heart talk